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Pro Joint

Pro Joint

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Pro Joint contains Glucosamine HCL ,Chondroitin Sulphate and Methylsulfonylmethane. These amino acids have been shown to assist with joints, tendons and cartilage .

Pro Joint contains no fillers or sugars. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"Race Condition and Pro Joint are quality supplements. I could see the physical improvement within 10 days. I would definitely recommend them".
- Eddie Woods 

Pro Joint


All products are tested by the Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Kentucky.

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  • 100% pure quality ingredients
  • 3rd party tested drug free supplementation
  • No fillers or sugars, just results
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From competition, to recovery Open Nutrition has a supplement to meet your horses needs.



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" I have made Open Nutrition part of my program for Red Stables here in Dubai for over 5 years. Race Condition with RecoverX has helped my team stay in great shape all season. I would definitely recommend it for any trainers".

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Doug Watson

"When I first heard about , Race Condition I was skeptical that I would see results within 7-14 days . Well , It took us 10 days to see a difference . Not just on one horse but every horse we put on it . I was truly amazed at the over all Appearance of each horse from hair coat , muscle definition and most of all attitude. We now have all our training horses on Race Condition...This product is simply a game changer for me"!!

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Karl Keegan - All in line Stables

"Open nutrition provides the highest quality products for our operation. Horses love the products and we love the results. The team at Open Nutrition is always available to best tailor which products are needed for your intended results. We could not recommend them more"

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Phillip Antonacci - Lindy Farms

"Using Race Condition, RecoverX and Pro Joint has really made a huge difference to my horses. I could see the improvement in their physical condition quickly. They work stronger, recover faster, look great and have an improved attitude".

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Dave Scanlon - Scanlon Training and Sales

"I have been using Open Nutrition supplements for just over two years. Almost from the day that I started using it the horses responded and developed in a noticeably better way".

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Jenny Gehrke - Dressage Competitor and Coach