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Full recovery from fast work and competition is essential for your equine athlete in order to back up and train again at full strength.

Recovery supplements and bcaa pastes for horses have been around for a long time and are utilized by most trainers these days but until now most have been lacking the active ingredient levels that are essential for such a large animal.

Open Nutrition RECOVERX breaks the mould with a whopping 40,000mg of BCAA's and 15,000mg of L-Glutamine. This formula is by far the strongest the world has seen and our world first delivery system will have you amazed at the speed and ease at which RECOVERX can be administered.


The days of using under dosed bcaa pastes are over and the new era of safe, legal and effective equine supplementation has arrived.

Check out the RECOVERX administration video in the video opposite to see just how easy and fast it really is.

RecoverX a BCAA Paste like no other.

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Performance Horse Muscle Matrix

The results are right in front of you within 7 days. 
Performance Horse Muscle Matrix - has been specifically formulated for all sports competition horses. No matter what equine competition you are involved in Performance Horse will give your horse the competitive edge.  

Using the highest quality amino acids at the correct dosages, Performance Horse is the daily supplement for optimum immune health, growth and repair. 

Performance Horse contains a balanced ratio of key amino acids to improve your horses top line and recovery. Visual improvements occur within 7 days of commencement.  

By supplementing daily with Performance Horse Muscle Matrix your horse will maintain and improve muscle while training and competing in physically demanding competition.  

Scientifically proven amino acids aid in fueling energy, enhancing immune function and improving performance. The combination of these ingredients make Performance Horse a truly all in one daily supplement. Your horse will look and feel like a champion.




EQUI GROWTH - combines specialized ingredients that have been conclusively shown to increase natural growth hormone release.

Enhances Natural Growth Hormone, Improves Muscle Growth and Repair, Increases Energy & Stamina Improve Sleep & Rest.


L-arginine-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxlate & l-lysine hydrochloride are some of the vital formula

components of Equi Growth. This combination has been shown to increase natural growth

hormone secretion by 700% and keep it elevated for periods of 8hrs or more.


Increasing the natural release of growth hormone can improve race day performance by:

- Increasing protein synthesis aiding in muscle growth and repair.

- Boosting energy and stamina.

- Improving sleep quality allowing for a more thorough rest and recovery.- Improved body composition and general heath.

Race Condition the true safe alternative to anabolic steroids.


Race Condition™ is a revolutionary combination of amino acids proven to deliver anabolic results without risk.

Open Nutrition’s Race Condition™ is a revolutionary daily supplement formulated for all horses that compete in physically demanding sports.  Race condition™ is the ultimate muscle-building supplement combining the most effective amino acids to enhance strength, recovery and immune function.  Race Condition™ is the all in one daily supplement to facilitate muscle recovery and growth, aid in boosting the immune system and general health so when supplementing with race condition there is no need to be buy multiple products.

No other product on the planet comes close to offering the performance and health benefits of Race Condition. Each ingredient has been selected to enhance the health and performance of your horse.  Results should be seen within 7 to 14 days after daily administration has commenced. 


Race condition can be used for horses that are being spelled to ensure muscle is maintained and enhanced. A reduced dose can be given when spelling.  For horses that are spelling one scoop a day is sufficient.



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