Pro Jump is the ideal performance supplementation for those who are looking for an edge in show jumping and eventing. Competing in jumping events places the horse under continual physical stress. Energy production is limited and without replacement of energy fuels fatigue begins to set in.


Pro Jump has been designed using the highest-grade amino acids available to maintain your horse’s energy during the stresses of competition.  Pro Jump ingredients delay the build up of lactate reducing the onset of fatigue.


Pro Jump contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C as well.


Pro Jump will NOT get your horse excited or fired up.

Pro Jump replenishes energy stores that are utilized during the physical demands of jumping.



Open Nutrition Pro Jump


Controlled Energy release|Reduces Fatigue | Improves recovery time

Show Condition™ has been specifically formulated for horses competing in the equestrian arena. Using the highest quality amino acids at the correct dosages, Show condition™ is the daily supplement for optimum health, growth and repair.


Show Condition™ contains no fillers, sugar or whey protein.


Show Condition™ contains a balanced ratio of key amino acids and vitamins to improve your horses top line and recovery. By supplementing daily with show condition they will be able to maintain a healthy weight range while training and competing in physically demanding competition.


Scientifically proven amino acids aid in fueling energy and enhancing immune function and general health. The combination of these ingredients make Show Condition™ a truly all in one daily supplement. Your horse will look and feel like a champion.



Open Nutrition Show Condition™


Immune Health|Improved Recovery | Amino Acids | Vitamins |Minerals

Please read the brief description of this world-class formulation and you will see this is the product your horse needs and why nothing else comes close to the quantity and quality of Show Condition™.


Highly palatable Apple flavor mixes through feed.


Mix one scoop (35 grams) through feed in the morning

Mix one scoop (35 grams) through feed in the afternoon.


Out of competition one scoop a day is adequate.


On days of hard competition 1 extra scoop can be given to enhance recovery.



L - Proline - Is vital for the production of collagen, the protein found in skin, bone and connective tissue. Prolonged exercise has shown a reduction in proline. Muscle tissue is maintained by proline.


L – Lysine – is involved in the production of antibodies for a strong healthy immune system.


L Glysine – creates muscle tissue and breakdown glucose for energy production. Is essential for a healthy digestive and central nervous system.

L – Alaine – Eliminates excess toxins from the liver. Has been shown to protect cells from being damaged during intense aerobic activity.


L – Glutamine – Most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. Aids in building and maintaining muscle mass and is vital for a healthy immune system.


Vitamin C – Anti-inflammatory helps absorb iron and boosts immune system.


Vitamin B5 – Needed to make hormones and healthy red blood cells. Improves stamina.


Vitamin B6 – Helps the body turn protein, fat and carbohydrates into energy. Crucial for cardiovascular and circulatory health.


BCAA – Reduce muscle fatigue, speed recovery and reduce the break down of muscle post strenuous exercise.


Taurine – Aids blood flow to muscles.


HMB – Reduces muscle breakdown and encourages muscle growth and repair.


MSM – Anti Inflammatory.


Glucosimine HCL


Glucosamine is a substance produced by the body. It’s the main ingredient of cartilage and is needed for the development of joint surfaces, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones, nails, heart valves and blood vessels.

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